Biến tần (Inverter) - Gefran

Model: S9O05SI  ADV-1040-KBX-4-S

General Character: 

*Power supply: 3 x 380Vac -15% … 500Vac +5%, 50/60Hz ±2%

*Power ratings: from 0.75kW to 1.2MW

*Max output voltage 0.98 x Vin

*Control mode: • Open-loop vector control • Vector control with feedback • Open loop V/f and V/f with feedback

*Light or heavy overload control

*Integration of up to 3 options onboard the drive

*"Safety" card compliant with machine safety directives (for ADV200-...+SI models)

*GF-eXpress multi-language programming SW (5 languages)

*PLC with advanced IEC61131-3 programming environment

*IP20-rated protection (IP00 size 7 and parallel)