Bộ điểu khiển nhiệt độ khuôn đúc (Mold Temperature Controller) - Matsui

Model: MC5-G1-55L95


  • Stores up to 64 temperature settings
  • Timed switching (10 sets of 10 temperature values)
  • Temperature control programming
  • Displays estimated setup temperature waiting time
  • Heating and cooling error detection
  • Programmable slow cooling
  • Variable temperature control programming
  • Programming to stop unit automatically at a preset temperature
  • Digital temperature display
  • Reverse-phase detection
  • Operation monitoring
  • Alarm indication of pump overload, abnormal sensor, low level, low/high temperature, machine maintenance
  • Automatic pressure relief
  • Heat-resistant water level detection switch
  • Pressure gauge
  • One-touch display of set values on control panel
  • Remote operation of start/stop
  • Automatic air venting at start-up