Cảm biến nhiệt hồng ngoại ǀ Raytek ǀ RAYMI3COMM


·         Multiple sensor design (up to 8 sensing heads for 1 box)

·         Plug & Play (automatic head detection)

·         Rugged IP rated metal box

·         Supports all MI3 spectral models

·         Failsafe functions (internal temperature, break of head cable)

·         Isolated alarm relay output

·         User configurable inputs for remote sensor configuration

·         Analog outputs with galvanic isolation

·         USB 2.0 interface

·         Intuitive user interface with high resolution LCD display

·         Advanced on-board signal processing like: peak & valley hold, intelligent averaging (flicker)

·         Datatemp® Multidrop Software for remote monitoring


·         OEM

·         Manufacturing process

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