Cảm biến vị trí (Position Sensor)

Model: GHM0050MD601A0


„Linear, Absolute Measurement 

„ Non-Contact Sensing Technology 

„ LEDs For Enhanced Sensor Diagnostics 

„ Programmability, Analog Output Models: Voltage or Current, Fully Adjustable Outputs Within: -10 to +10 Vdc or 0 to 20 mA 

„ Programmability, Digital-Pulse Output Models: PWM or Start/Stop 

„ Simultaneous Multi-Magnet Measurements Using Start/Stop „ Linearity Deviation Less Than 0.02% „ Repeatability Within 0.001% 

„ Designed for Backward Compatibility with Legacy Temposonics Products 

„ Standard 24 Vdc and extended input power supply options for compatibility with older controller interfaces 

„ Integral connector replacement options including: Hanging (inline) connectors, Adapter cables, Field-installed connector kits