Cảm biến tiệm cận (Capacitive Proximity Switch) - Bernstein Viet Nam

Article number: 650.7013.015

Electrical data:

Rated operating distance: Sn 6mm

Mounting: non flush

Standard target: 90x90x1mm, material: steel; connected to earth

Effective operating distance: Sr 6 - 30mm => Sr adjustable with potentiometer (POT);

Assured operating distance: Sa 0 ≤ Sa ≤ 0,8 x Sr

Switching element function: N.C.; Relay with change over contact 

Repeat accuracy: R ≤ 0,1 x S

Differential travel (hysteresis): H ≤ 0,2 x Sr

Rated operational voltage: Ue 230V AC

Operational voltage range: UB 180 – 250V AC

Rated insulation voltage: Ui 250V AC

Rated impulse withstand voltage: Uimp 1500V

Utilization category: DC 13    

Rated current: l ≤ 8A @ 250V AC 

No–load supply current: lo < 35mA 

Switching element: Relay 

Rated supply frequency: 50Hz