Cảm biến tiệm cận (Inductive Proximity Switch) - Bernstein Viet Nam

Model: KIB-Q08PS/1,5-K2T

Elektrical Data:

Operational voltage range UB 10 – 36V DC

Rated insolation voltage Ui 75V DC

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp 500V

Voltage drop Ud 1,5V (add. 0,06 V per m cable and 200 mA Load at 20°C)

Utilization category DC–13

Rated operational current Ie 200mA

Off–state current Ir < 0,3mA

No–load supply current I0 11mA

Type of protection IP 67

Short–circuit protection pulsed

Rated operating distance sn 1,5mm

Assured operating distance sa 0 ... 1,2mm

Repeat accuracy R 5%

Differential travel (hysteresis) H  10%

Frequency of operating cycles f 1000Hz

Switching function DC, N.O.

Mounting flush

False polarity protection yes

Output permanent overload and s.c.p.

Time delay before availability tv 50ms