Sick Vietnam Code: 7900037
GMI-GM International  Vietnam Model: D1063S
Azbil Vietnam Model: FRS100C100-2
Combustion Controller
Baumer Vietnam Model: MHRM 12G2501
Inhamotor Vietnam Model: IHB‐300
Single Stage Regenerative Blowers
Output (KW): 1.50; Pressure (mmH2O): 2,000
Vacuum (mmH2O): 1,800; Max Air Flow (㎥/min): 3.4
Voltage (V): 200~230 / 380~415
IFM Vietnam Code: IGT219
Mitsubishi Vietnam Code: ZKB-5XN
Magnetic Powder Brake
E+H Vietnam Replaced by: FMX21-AA221HGD15APO
E+H Vietnam Replaced by: FMX21-AA121HGD15APO
Ajinextek Vietnam Model: N3RTEX-DO32T
RTEX Slave DO, 32CH , NPN Type
Baumer Vietnam Code: PBM4-13.B35R.A152.0663
AISI 304 (1.4301), stainless steel
0.5 %  bar, 0 ... 250 bar Relative
4 ... 20 mA, Shielded cable, 2 m
G1/4" DIN 3852, Stainless steel AISI 630, 1.4548
FKM (Viton)
Baumer Vietnam Code: PBM4-13.B35R.A152.0260
AISI 304 (1.4301), stainless steel, 0.5 % Bar
0 ... 250 bar Relative, 4 ... 20 mA, Shielded cable, 2 m,
G1/4" EN 837, Stainless steel AISI 630, 1.4548  Without
Vecow Vietnam Model: ECS-5600-8R710QW4
ECS-5600-8R,Pre-installed with Intel Quad-Core i7-2710QE;Vecow Wide-Temp DDR3 4GB RAM M340S-W28M1
AECO Vietnam Code: I30000060
KG Auto Vietnam Model: KGEX-N4BD21G
KG Auto Vietnam Model: KGX-LMD21G
KG Auto Vietnam Model: KGE-N4R1R
Bernstein Vietnam Code: 6502943015
KIB-M12PS/004-KLS12E         B
Elco Holding Vietnam Model: EB58W15-H4PR-1000.4J0801
AECO Vietnam Code: I30000054
Koganei Vietnam Code: Koganei 250C
Robertshaw Vietnam Model: CR101-A1
FRER Vietnam Code: A96EAX1K0X01
In 1000/1A Sc.0-1000A
FRER Vietnam Code: A96EAX1K2X01
In 1200/1A Sc.0-1200A
FRER Vietnam Code: A96MV
In 800/100V  Sc.0-800V
FRER Vietnam Code: TAT0631K0X01
FRER Vietnam Code: TAT0631K2X01
FRER Vietnam Code: A96EAX030X01
FRER Vietnam Code: A96EAX050X01
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 1326AB-B410G-21
Product show 97% new
clearly confirm for sure
1 month waranty
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 1326AB-B430E-21
Product show 97% new
clearly confirm for sure
1 month waranty
Leuze Vietnam Part No.: 50103709
HRTL 8/66-350,5000
TAKEX Vietnam Model: FCM4MPL
Progressive Scan Camera
PIAB Vietnam Code: 0109532
Spare part kit Mini COAX
PIAB Vietnam Code: 0111977
Seajong Vietnam Model: MN20G-13
Metal needles
Note: 1 Pack = 12 needles; Q'ty = Pack
KG Auto Vietnam Model: KGE-H4R1R
Emergency push lock turn reset
Wise Vietnam Code: T2104B1DD2119AP0
Range: 0 ~ 250 oC
Insertion length: 200 mm; Capillary length: 2m
T210: Remote reading thermometer; Accessories: none
Nominal diameter: 100 mm; Type of mounting: Bottom connection, surface, case mounting plate
Stem material: 316SS; Stem, process connection: 3/8’’
Stem connection type: NPT; Stem connection type: 8mm
Parker Vietnam Model: 71335SN2KNJ1N0H111C2
NMB Vietnam Model: 4715MS-12T-B50
Ametek Vietnam Part number: 1986A1XSX
Foot Mount Resolver with side mount connector
Ympower Vietnam Model: YMGUD-3030DIXB
Bernstein Vietnam Code: 6118119157
Dwyer Vietnam Model: DA-7041-153-24E
Pressure Switch
Weidmuller Vietnam Code: 1020100000
WDU 4; MOQ = 1 Packing = 100pcs
Cisco Vietnam Replace by: SG300-28PP-K9-EU
SG300-28PP 28-port Gigabit PoE+ Managed Switch
IFM Vietnam Code: RVP510
Precise Vietnam Model: EPX-300
Metal Hardness Tester Portable Type
Matsui Vietnam Model: JL4-7VC
Vacuum Air Loader 200V, 3P, 50Hz
GL air hose φ63mm x 10m
PVC material hose φ50mm x 10m
JC-18 hopper x 1 piece
Suction nozzle φ50 x 1 piece
Fischer Vietnam Art no.: DS21010A21B50W00
Differential Pressure Switch
Measuring range: 0-0.6 bar
Application for hotwater and thermal oil
Pressure chamber Aluminum
Gauge Connection *mm Cutting ring/Steel
With 2 adjustable Micro switches
Electrical Connection 5M numbered cable, prewired, IP5
Wall Mounting
(In accordance with article DS21010A21B50000U0501)
HATZ Vietnam Code: 01660901
Teledyne Vietnam Code: C-57283-E2
Teledyne Vietnam Code: 3290
TAKEX Vietnam Model: FC2000FCL
Bentone Vietnam Part No.: 354031013601
BFG1H3 L:145
Bentone Vietnam Part No.: 720000172601
Allweiler Vietnam Replace by: TRILUB TRF1300 R46U18.6-V-W203 T-XO225M
Self-priming three-screw pump inflange mounting design; Pre-delivery: 0008058576 / 2016
Constisting of: Pump, valve, coupling and bracket for motor; size 225 (without motor)
Due to the high start-up viscosity of vis = 1990 mm²s
the NPSH theoretical is NPSH th = 13,3 m.
Therefore, an inlet pressure of at least P inlet 1 bar is
Pump serie TRF were modified from E18.5 into U18.6
This is only an internal technical modification pump is
suitable for application according data sheet.
Note: Motor wasn’t our scope of supply
Wolf Vietnam Model: H-251ALED
ATEX Wolflite Handlamp with LED & rechargeable battery. Charger not included
Wolf Vietnam Model: C-251HV
Mains Charger (230/115V AC) with UK type 3 pin plug fitted
Koganei Vietnam Model: CDAS10X10
Bentone Vietnam Part No.: 710000171601
Model: BG300
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMD60T
Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire HMD60T
E+H Vietnam Model: FMR50-AAACAABNXWG
Piab Vietnam Art number: 0104265
COAX Cartridge Mini Pi 12-3 FS
Piab Vietnam Art number: 9901854
Vacuum pump