Giới thiệu về JM Concept

We have integrated all our know-how to develop the UHLIS, our connected acquisition interface. The UHLIS will allow you:

  • The acquisition of 4 insulated analogue inputs, isolated at more than 2500Vms
  • to have Minimal footprint with less than 6mm per input
  • and 4 independent sensor power supplies
  • a 2x faster acquisition than the 2-input EOLIS
  • to be connected via a digital bus and a TCP-IP link via an RJ45 port
  • through a USB socket, the programming via the IXLOG

It was built to be reliable and guaranteed 5 years. The TCP-IP link is a pass-through and allows the remote configuration of the UHLIS and other modules, connected in series via the digital bus.
Simple to implement, it is the first of a range of connected interfaces to come.