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100% Taiwan/China

Advantech Vietnam

Code: IPC-510
Economical 4U Rackmount Chassis
*IPC-510MB-00XCE W/PS8-300A TX-ZBE:
*Mainboard: LGA1151 ATX IMB Q370, Dual LAN/3 Display
*CPU: CORE 3.2G 12M 1151P 6CORE I7-8700
*Memory: 8G DDR4-2400 1GX8 1.2V SAM
*1TB HDD SATA III 7200 rpm
*Operating Temperature: 0~40◦C
*2 Ethernet RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbps
* 8 (2xUSB 3.1 Gen 2, 2xUSB 3.1 Gen 1, 4xUSB 2.0) 1 RS-232
*Expansion: 2 PCI, 4 PCIe x4, 1 PCIex16H
*Bản quyền Window 10 Pro 64bit

100% Germany Origin

CS-Instrument Vietnam

P/N: 06950550 2621
 Type: VA 550 Flow sensor, measuring head
in robust aluminium die cast housing
Measuring range A1 - Standard version (92,7 m/s)
Screw-in thread B1 - G 1/2" outer thread
Mounting length / shaft length C8 - 1000 mm (without depth scale
Option display D1 - with integrated display
Option signal output/Bus con. E1 - 2x4...20mA a.
output,galv.isolated,pulse output
RS485 Modbus-RTU
Gas type G4 - Carbon dioxide (CO2)
 Maximum pressure H3 - 16 bar
Accuracy class J1 - ± 1,5% of measured value ±0,3% of f.s.
Max. gas temp. at the sensor tip K2 - up to 180°C gas temperature
Approval L1 - Non-explosive area - no approval
Reference conditions M2 - 0°C, 1013,25 hPa
Material of sensor shaft Stainless steel 1,4404

100% EU

Kromschröder Vietnam

UV flame sensor

100% Japan Origin

Tokyo Keiso Vietnam

Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter
Old model code : EP-AM-1523-D
Flow direction : Bottom side to Top side
Function of indicator : Electric transmitter
Explosionproof : Flameproof version
Wetted material : SUS304
Connection size : 1/2'' ANSI-CLASS 150 R.F.
Meter size : 15A
Additional function : Liquid damper
Output function : Electric transmitter
Explosionproof type : TIIS Flameproof version
Process data
Fluid : NH3
Density : 0.7713 kg/m3
Viscosity : 0.01 mPa·s
Pressure : 0.12 Mpa
Temperature : 20°C
Flange rate : 1.5 - 15 kg/h

100% Germany Origin

AGR Vietnam

Code: 2014872

100% USA/China


Model: 8600DF010SA3N1D1M5
Range: ?
Cảm biến lưu lượng
Note : conf range khi order

100% USA/China


Model: 8750WDMR1A2FNSA040CDEM4C1Q4
Range: ?
Cảm biến lưu lượng
 Note : conf range khi order

100% EU Origin

Kübler/ Kuebler Vietnam


100% US/EU Origin

Eaton/ Vickers Vietnam

Type: KBTG4V-5-2B30N-Z-M2-PE7-H7-11
PN: 846AN00084A

100% EU

Baumer Vietnam

PRC/032 i = 1:10,94 + ES90 + FSL5
 Materialnr 11136183
a) PRC/032
Speed-increasing gear with flange-mounted
machine from the following position
B3 (foot-mounted) shaft 16j6 x 40
Maximum speed output side: n = 3400 rpm
ATTENTION: This product does NOT comply with the rules of origin for preferential trade !
TeGear ratio: i = 1:10.94
b) ES 90 + FSL
Electronic speed switch (self-powered),
with integrated mechanical centrifugal switch
Sea-air/tropical protection
B10 shaft 11k6 x 30 IP 65
ES: Switching speed: n= 690 rpm
FSL: Switching speed: n = 950 rpm mperature range: -30 ... +70°C

100% EU Origin

JUMO Vietnam

Code: 901110/20-1044-24-1000-671-93/331 (0..1300°C)
Description: part no.: 00465170
Plug-in thermocouple with connection head

100% EU

Baumer Vietnam

POG10 DN 1024 I
Rotary encoder
Sea air/tropical protection
B10 shaft 11k6 x 30 IP 66
Logic level: HTL; UB = +9...+30 VDC
Square wave outputs: K1, K1', K2, K2', K0, K0'
Imp./RPM: Z = 1024
ATEX 2/22 optional on request

100% Germany

Heidenhain Vietnam

Inverter-Power Supply regenerative
with diagnostic functions and electronic ID lable
UVR 140D 45
Rated power: 45 kW
Power S6-40%: 65 kW
Peak power: 80kW<4.0s
DC-link voltage: 650 V
Low-voltage power supply unit: 400 W
Type of heat removal: internal
Module width: 200.00 mm
Ribbon cable cover for UV / UVR and power modules
up to 150 mm in delivery included.

100% Taiwan Origin

Beijer Vietnam

Model: X2 pro 10
PN: 630000305
(Replaces PWS6A00T-P )