Turbidimeters (liquids)

AquaScat 2 HT

On-line Turbidimeter (ISO 7027) with free fall flow cell for high turbidities

AquaScat 2 P

On-line Turbidimeter (ISO 7027) for pressurized measurement

AquaScat 2 WTM

On-line Turbidimeter (ISO 7027) with free fall flow cell with high resolution

DualScat Ex

In-Line Turbidimeter for hazardous areas

LabScat 2

Dual-Angle Lab Turbidimeter


In-line Turbidity Monitor for Medium to High Turbidity


In-Line Turbidimeter

Dust monitors


Smoke Detector


Dust Concentration Monitor for Hot Gasses

StackGuard system

Dust Emission Measuring System

VisGuard Extractive

Visibility Monitor

VisGuard In-situ

Visibility Monitor

VisGuard OMD

Oil Mist Detector


ColorPlus 2 bypass

Absorption Measuring Instrument bypass

ColorPlus 2 in-line

Absorption Measuring Instrument in-line

ColorPlus 2 O3 Gas

Ozone meter for gases

ColorPlus 2 O3 Water

Ozone Meter for ultra pure water

ColorPlus Ex bypass

Absorption measuring Instrument bypass for hazardous areas

ColorPlus Ex in-line

Absorption measuring Instrument in-line for hazardous areas


OilGuard 2

Oil Trace Monitor for Mineral Oils

OilGuard 2 Ex

Oil Trace Monitor for Mineral Oils for hazardous Areas

OilGuard Ex M

Oil Trace Monitor for oil discharge monitoring

Multi-Parameter Measuring Systems


Multi-Parameter Measuring System for Water Treatment Works

Product monitors


In-line Interface Monitor for Turbidity or Colour